Thursday, 24 October 2013

Art Gallery

Poster colour and water colour on paper
29.7cm x 42cm

It was the first owl i draw, I was attracted by its eyes, so I began to fall in love with painting owl. I chose watercolors to paint the eyes, it can express a sense of transparency.

Taste of childhood
Poster colour on paper
30cm x 30cm

Using children's drawings to show the colour, where there is  Acid ,Sweet, Bitter, Hot of four kinds of taste. To express our childhood memories.

Hot Red Owl
Mixed Media of Artline pen, Red lacquer, Transparent varnish, 
Paper clay, Poster colour,Woolen, Cloth, Shells on Conbi Toy
10cm x 11.5cm

That was the happy and funny design in owl, Since owl always look serious and  let it put in red to change to difference mood, it also finalist for Consolation in Conbi Toy Design Contest Competition, it was interesting ans i enjoy this handy craft design.

 The story of eyes
Mixed Media of Crayon,White Charcoal and watercolour on mounting board
 42.5cm x 59cm

"The window of the soul"
for my personal creative topics are the "eyes of owl"
Joseph Ho Jun Xian Artist and I draw ​​together this artwork, left owl was him and right owl was me, it was the love story with him, and telling what is my feeling.

So the love story who know in two eyes and owls. 

Classical painting
Oil painting with liquen
19.5cm x 23cm

Realism in Classical painting, It uses different materials in oil, I joyful in this painting.

了云(Liao Yun) #1 (1/3)
Emboss on paper
29cm x 19cm

The chines stamp was design by my father when i was 8 years old, he made this chines stamp for me and i feel love with my father. This chines stamp to became my logo. So i  use my father design combine my owl, in print making emboss work i was try to telling about my story. 

Secret of Mirror - Surreal
Photo Shop
29.7 x 42cm

Idea in Fairy tales with owl , it about surreal are not coming true, so i made it in Photo Shop to realize our dreams.